How to maximize your ADU home remodel for highest return on investment

Accessory dwelling units or ADU have hit Portland full force in recent years.  High rental rates and low tenant vacancy are just a couple of the reasons people choose to add an ADU to their property.   In Portland, an Accessory Dwelling Unit is technically “any smaller, secondary dwelling unit which can be legally added either on the same lot or within a house, attached house or manufactured home in residential zones”.  Legally, an ADU is part of the same property as the main home.  Some people renovate their home to include a second living area, a basement, garage, extra bedroom or partial wing of a house can be transformed in to a apartment or short term rental room.  Other decide to add a small second tiny home or add an addition to their home.   Of course everyone’s situation and property is different but lets discuss some basic decisions you will need to make.

Best places to add a second living area

  • Basement

Many people have unused basements that already have a separate entrances and are somewhat isolated from the main living quarters. Remodeling an unused basement can make you extra income and add value to your home.   You can fit a lot in to a basement with multiple rooms, a bathroom and even a second kitchen.    Basements are usually insulated as part of the home envelope ans if they are finished with drywall it will only take minor layout and finishing to make it in to a livable space.

  • Garage

If your garage is unnecessary we can turn it in to a second living space.  A garage can be converted in to an ADU or short term rental by removing the garage door, framing in a new wall with a standard outer door, adding insulation and drywall and flooring.   Making sure it is done right will make the difference of a slanted drafty room or a solid flat cozy room.  Garage floors are made slanted to allow for liquid run off to the outside.  We build it up to make it level before adding additional walls and finishing it with drywall and trim.   Insulating the garage is important since many garages only have insulation in the home facing wall.   We will insulate all wall and ceiling.

  • Extra Bedroom

If you have an extra bedroom or two, turning them in to cash can be easy.  With a few minor changes you can have a space for short term rental or a room mate.   We can even make a two bedrooms in to a larger suite or a master bedroom can be a great start since it already has its own bathroom.

  • Home Addition

Adding on to your home will add square footage and increase property value.  When you have a blank slate to work with you can make any size and shape you desire.  Adding on can allow you to make a separate entrance so you don’t get disturbed.   Some people choose to add a mini-suite with a bathroom and coffee service are similar to a hotel or you can also add multiple bedrooms a kitchen and even it’s own laundry.

  • Tiny Home

Tiny homes are in style and if you want to add an ADU to your property tiny homes can give you many options.   With their small size and popularity you can maximize you rental income per sq ft. Some tiny homes are just a sleeping and living are while others incorporate a bathroom and cooking area.   We can help you get a style that matches or compliments your existing home.


No matter where you choose to create space for rent Kamanski Construction can help you plan, build, and launch your new business as a landlord!  We will walk you through the process to determine what is possible and what would be best for your family.   If you are looking for mother-in -law quarters, a space to house a caregiver, looking for extra income or just want to increase your home value Kamanski is ready to help.  

Here is Portlans’d Rules on ADUs

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