Have you outgrown your home? Maybe it is time for a home addition!

You love your home but has it shrunk or is your family just growing?  If you are feeling cramped and you are considering a move or upgrade, let us recommend a Kamanski home addition!    A home addition done right will increase your home value, maintain its original architectural style and give you the room you need to grow your family. 

Whether you need an extra bathroom or two, more bedrooms or more kitchen space, we can make your home addition look like it was part of your original home plan.   

Bedrooms are a common reason to need an addition but adding more bathrooms will ensure to keep your bedroom to bathroom ratio in harmony.   

So you have a baby on the way? We can add a nursery off your master suite that can be tuned in to a home office space in later years.  A nursery near your bedroom will allow you to sleep easy knowing the little one is close by but not to close to lose sleep over! 

If your kitchen is outdated and your can’t seem to fit a new appliances or a island in your current space we can expand your square footage to make your kitchen layout work the way you want it to.  Our designers can work wonders for kitchens making your space efficient and beautiful!     

No matter what type or room you need we will add the space you need while keeping your current house impacted as little as possible.   Many times families can live in a home while it is being expanded but some additions that open up large areas or need to go up might require some creative work plans to minimize any time you are out of your home.  Let us know your expectations upfront and we will always make sure to meet or exceed them.   

Call Kamanaski to find out if a home addition is right for you!  503-954-4275