Freshen up Your Bathroom with a Remodel

When you know it it time to freshen up your bathroom you can count on Kamamnsi to give you the best service. We take the time to plan your bathroom remodel to make sure you aren’t without use of your bathroom for to long.   A little bit of extra care during the planning phase can eliminate long delays for the unexpected.   

How to plan for a bathroom remodel


When planning for a bathroom remodel it is good to start with planning your layout.  Just because your home builder designed your bathroom many years ago it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.  Now is the time to move thing around if you find your current layout challenging.    Of course there are always considerations to make due to cost and what is under and behind the walls.   Making sure you plan carefully will ensure no surprises will popup once walls are opened up.  


Choosing your floors is the first finishing option to consider.  Carpet in the bathroom is out of the question while stone or tile is the current material of choice.   Natural Stone tile is a popular choice since it can have a textured non-slip surface and with many variations it can work with many other colors and surfaces.   

Counter tops

Your counter top will be used everyday and will need to be something that is easy to clean and looks good with your color scheme.  Many people will chose something without a lot of color or go with white or black and use accent colors elsewhere. 

Accent Tile

Accent colors are going to make your bathroom something special.  With a splash of color you can transform a bathroom in to a place of relaxation.   Good places for accent colors are mixed in with tile floors, counter back splash, around the tub.  Don’t be afraid to go crazy with colors or designs as long as you keep it minimal in placement. 


Your fixtures will set the mood and style of your bathroom.  Brass and copper is a good choice for upscale designs while chrome and satin will always look timeless.   Some people choose to get funky fixtures with waterfall style faucets or wall mounted to save on counter top space ease of cleaning.  


Wood grain can come in many colors and patterns but new shiny surface cabinets are becoming popular in modern design.   No mater what color you choose also make sure to consider floating cabinets as opposed to floor standing.   With floating cabinets and counters you will have more floor space and it can make your bathroom look larger.  


Don’t forget the contractor! Hiring a good contractor is more than the lowest quote.  Ensuring your contractor knows what they are doing and get to know your project is going to save you time and heartache in the long run.   Kamanski wants you to be happy and we make you our top priority.   Call Andray now to talk about your bathroom remodeling project. 503-954-4275