Dry Rot Repair

Interior and Exterior Dry Rot Repairs 

No doubt about it, PNW is wet! If you have a construction defect, a leak of some sort, or failed exterior paint, moisture from rain will turn into wood rotting away, which can lead to devastating damages to your home! In our experience with dry rot, you can never be too sure what exactly caused or is causing the damage without opening it up. We don’t believe in coming out and convincing you on possible siding damage, gutter damage, or roof damage. 

We believe it’s most fair and transparent to follow our steps for a customer. Kamanski Construction INC. Is trusted dry rot specialist, we can repair your interior or exterior dry rot with expertise unlikely to be matched. We are well known to only repair what really needs repairing. 

dry rot exterior wall repair
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What to expect from Kamanski 

  • Someone from our crew will come out for a meeting and inspection
  • Receive estimate to uncover dry rot for one day if the issue cannot be addressed without doing so
  • Report to the customer what caused the issue and how and what we will do to prevent it and what needs to happen to bring back to its original condition. Report damage pictures
  • Receive an estimate for the cost of repairs or proceed with time and material whatever is more comfortable for you. 


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