Dry Rot, A Deeper Problem Than Meets The Eye

Dry Rot can do tons of damage to your home if not dealt with early.  If you can see surface dry rot, mold or water damage the problem most likely goes much deeper than you can see.  Since dry rot starts from the inside it takes time to come to the surface and make it’s self known.  

Basements are on of the places dry rot and mold like to hide.  It is a good idea to inspect your basement perimeter once a year to make sure you don’t see signs of dry rot, mold or water intrusion.  If you do see signs call a professional right away so we can dig deeper and see how far the damage has gone.    If a contractor comes out and gives you a bid based on what they see i would be weary of their estimate since they have no idea how far the damage goes.    At Kamanski we will start a job on time basis until we get to the root of the problem and know exactly what it will take to get your home back to normal.