The Guide to the Perfect Apartment Renovation

September 2, 2020 | Andray Shcherban

Just because you live in an apartment or condo instead of a detached home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the space your own. Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a spacious, three-story historic condo, you can breathe new life into your living areas, optimize your space, and incorporate unique and beautiful design solutions.

Remodeling an apartment or condo is a different process than remodeling a detached home; the focus is exclusively on interior spaces, layouts, and design features. If you’re looking to renovate your apartment, keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Always Check With Your Landlord

There are very few hard and fast rules you need to follow when it comes to renovating your apartment, but there’s one thing you always need to do: get approval from your landlord before you start any renovations.

If you make any changes to your apartment without authorization from your landlord, you could face a fine, so it’s an absolute must to get written permission before you start any project. A good first step is to look at your lease and check if certain renovations are allowed. Small adjustments like changing drapes or light fixtures may not require approval and can make a big difference to the look and feel of your whole space.

Work With Contractors You Can Trust

Whenever you undertake a renovation project, you should always vet contractors and make sure you work with a trusted and experienced company. Whether you’re building a custom home from the ground up or updating a few design features in your apartment’s bathroom, your project deserves expert craftsman and professional, capable project managers.

Look for remodelers with decades of experience, solid client feedback, and a portfolio of work that demonstrates an ability to work in apartment spaces. Kamanski Construction is a family-based remodeling business with over 30 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of work. Named as one of the best apartment and condo interior contractors by GC Magazine, you can rest assured we know what we’re doing when it comes to apartment renovations.

Optimize Your Space

Especially if your apartment is on the smaller side, it’s important that you use the space you have as effectively as possible. Layout is important. Consider what spaces you need and what spaces you don’t. 

For example, if you have a dining area in your apartment that you never use, think about getting rid of it in favor of a space you will. Similarly, if you find your bedroom closet is too small, think about adding a well-designed storage solution somewhere near your apartment’s entry or in a neglected linen closet.

The bottom line? Use the space you have intelligently. Carefully plan the layout of your apartment before you decide on any renovations. That way, any projects you decide to undertake will be sure to add functionality and aesthetic value.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Most landlords focus on updating the most visible spaces in their units, like entryways, living rooms, and dining areas, and avoid making improvements to out-of-the-way areas like bathrooms to save on costs. Many renters end up wanting to improve the appearance of their apartment’s bathroom(s). 

Simple updates can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your apartment’s bathroom. Here are just a few bathroom renovation ideas to get you inspired:

Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchens are another frequently neglected space in apartments. Landlords tend to focus on functionality over design aesthetic when it comes to kitchen areas. There are lots of ways to transform the kitchen in your apartment and make it a space you use more and enjoy spending time in! 

Here are just a few ideas for your apartment kitchen remodel:

Add the Perfect Furnishings and Decor

Regardless of the size and scope of your apartment renovation project, whether you’re making a few small changes or moving walls around, don’t forget the finishing touches! Rugs, accent tables, throw blankets and pillows, wall art, and lighting are all extremely important design elements that can truly transform and personalize your space. The decor items you choose are not permanent, so choose things that suit your personal style and experiment with colors, lines, and interesting combinations!

Work with a trusted local construction company on your apartment renovation!

If you’re looking for a contractor with the skills and experience necessary to transform your apartment or condo into a charming, unique, and beautiful oasis, look no further than Kamanski Construction. We’re a family-based, local remodeling company with over 30 years of experience working with homeowners and renters. Our mission is to give you the space of your dreams, and we have the skills, craftsmanship, and dedication needed to do just that.

We treat every project like our own. We’re fully invested in your project, and we can’t wait to get started. Get in touch online or give us a call at (864) 800-9912 with any questions or to tell us your ideas!