10 Custom Kitchen Countertops, Cabinets, & Island Ideas

February 16, 2021 | Andray Shcherban

Beautiful kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. From cozy farmhouse galleys to spacious U-shaped kitchens with vaulted ceilings, the possibilities are nearly endless. Designing your perfect kitchen is as simple as choosing the right layout, fixtures, and appliances. 

The right floor plan and style for your kitchen depends on how much space you have to work with, the design of other adjoining living spaces in your home, and — most importantly — your personal preferences and lifestyle.

So what does your dream kitchen look like? Here are 10 beautiful custom kitchen design ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your kitchen remodel:

1. U-Shaped Traditional

U-shaped kitchens typically have lots of floor-to-ceiling cabinets that wrap around a large center island. Traditional homes with large, enclosed kitchens are ideal for U-shaped floor plans. 

Aged or antique cabinet finishes, stone countertops, tile flooring, and ornate hardware and light fixtures are quintessential features of traditional kitchens. When you opt for a traditional layout and classic fixtures, you guarantee your kitchen’s design will never go out of style.  

2. Light & Bright With Southern Charm

Southern kitchens have a unique charm characterized by light colors and tones, reclaimed or vintage features, and extra space for entertaining. If you want to add a touch of the South to your kitchen’s design, opt for traditional cabinets in a light color, a large island with room for seating, and a farmhouse sink.

3. Eclectic Spanish Revival

Spanish revival architecture first emerged in Florida and California in the 1920s and remains popular throughout the U.S. today. Characterized by ornamental details, patterned tiles, dark wood, and decorative iron and steel, it’s a unique yet versatile choice for kitchen design. Choose contrasting colors and tones, incorporate arches and curves, and decorate with potted plants and metallics to truly make this style come to life.

4. Mid-Century Modern With a Twist

The mid-century modern look has been wildly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Its simplicity and versatility are hard to match with other styles. Straight lines, sleek finishes, pops of color, and a distinct focus on function and lifestyle are classic marks of mid-century modern design

Mixing natural materials, such as fine-grained wood cabinets and clay pots, with manmade materials, such as patterned upholstery or woven light fixtures, can add dimension and contrast to this look.

5. Two-Toned Transitional

The term “transitional” gets used a lot in design magazines, but what does it actually mean? A transitional space is simply one that incorporates elements of both traditional and contemporary design. 

The great thing about transitional design is that you can mix layouts and fixtures in new and unexpected ways, so you don’t have to follow any specific rules. Two-toned cabinets, a statement island, and stand-out lighting are all great places to start.

6. Integrated L-Shape

There has been a decades-long trend toward open-concept kitchens. Having your kitchen open to the rest of your living space makes cooking while you enjoy family time or entertain guests much more convenient. It also means your kitchen becomes a focal point for design in your home. An L-shaped kitchen with a large island or peninsula is often the best way to make an open-concept kitchen function seamlessly with your living or dining space.

7. Reclaimed Luxury

With stainless steel appliances and hard floors, it’s common for kitchens to feel a little sterile compared to other rooms in a home. Reclaimed or vintage features bring texture and dimension into your space and instantly make it feel warmer, cozier, and more luxurious. 

Pairing reclaimed wood with antique or vintage light fixtures, in particular, adds an unstuffy yet elegant Southern charm to your kitchen. Include a few upholstered bar stools or a breakfast nook, and you’ll never want to leave.

8. Industrial Loft

Industrial kitchens tend to feature exposed brick and stone, brushed brass or steel, and high-shine materials like chrome, copper, or glass. Clean lines, open shelving, exposed piping, and lots of color contrast bring industrial elements to life. 

Industrial-loft design works with any kitchen layout and gives you a beautiful, clean space to work with. Fill your industrial-style kitchen with indoor plants, wicker baskets, and unique rugs, towels, and light fixtures to add personality and charm.

9. Cozy Farmhouse

If you want your kitchen to feel as cozy and homey as your living room, incorporate farmhouse elements like warm hardwood floors, open shelving, a farmhouse sink, and exposed beams, brick, or stone. 

You don’t need a large space to make this style work. In many cases, farmhouse designs are actually easier to make work in smaller spaces, since they’re naturally cozy. Incorporating original or new/custom architectural features like a stone range hood or a brick fireplace can add to your kitchen’s farmhouse charm.

10. Modern Galley

A galley kitchen is one wherein the cabinets, countertops, and appliances all center around a long, central walkway. Galley kitchens pose unique challenges, but also offer unique benefits. 

Since kitchens with this layout tend to be small, it can be a challenge to ensure there is enough counter space. However, galley kitchens are often ergonomically superior when it comes to cooking and doing dishes. You can make a galley kitchen feel more open and modern by incorporating windows and skylights, sticking to lighter colors, and adding unique structural features like a seating nook or walk-in pantry.

Turn Your Dream Kitchen Into a Reality

Everyone’s idea of the perfect kitchen is unique. The right style, layout, and fixtures for your space depend on your existing home, your family, and your design preferences. 

At Kamanski Construction, we make your needs our priority. Whether your ideal kitchen is a spacious, Southern-inspired U-shape, an open-concept industrial L-shape, or a farmhouse-style galley with a custom range hood and a cozy breakfast nook, we’re here to transform the vision in your head into a real-life space in your home.

Are you inspired by one or more of the ideas in this article? Have something else in mind? We can’t wait to hear your ideas! Check out our portfolio for more inspiration and contact us online or by phone at (864) 800-9912 to tell us about your project.