These 8 Stunning Kitchen Design Trends Will Dominate in 2022

April 13, 2022 | Andray Shcherban

Whether you’re planning to build a custom home or remodel an existing one, these kitchen trends are tailored to meet your design needs.

modern white kitchen with a large kitchen island

Remodeling your home is exciting! Kitchen remodels are in high demand right now, particularly kitchen islands which topped many homeowners wishlist’s this year.

Families need their kitchens to be more spacious and multipurpose while working from home during the pandemic. 

Whether you plan to expand or minimize, it’s typically best practice to focus on functionality first.

Experts say color choice affects how big or small a room feels so make sure to consider light colors to make a space feel more roomy or darker colors for a cozier feel. As long as you have the basics, you can be as contemporary as you like.

Since most kitchen trends have a lifespan of a decade or more, you want to choose designs that last and don’t feel dated after a couple of years. Let’s take a look at some of the top remodeling trends of 2022.

1. Minimalism

minimal modern clean kitchen with marble countertops and wooden details

Minimalism has always been about clean lines and less is more.

You can expect to see the trend continue to grow now and into the future, with everything from cordless appliances to voice-controlled, app-controlled, handle-less technology and more— smart functionality is here to stay. 

In addition to high-end aesthetics, smart technology just makes life easier. Faucets and appliances have also gotten a refresh in the form of angular design and fine-grained woods.

2022 trends feature free-flowing organic shapes and geometric lines.

Clutter is out, while smart kitchens are in, the sleeker the better. Touch-to-open designs have fully intergrated with our busy modern lives. 

2. Mixing of Materials and Colors

Modern kitchen remodel with light wood floors, wood cabinetry, and stainless steel fixtures in a luxury home remodel
Remodel by Kamanski Construction | See More Photos

Mix cool and warm tones in metallics, woods, and paint.

Bring sharp angles and organic curves together in the shapes in your kitchen. Blur the line between the kitchen and the living room by adding a cushy chair to the corner of the otherwise hard-surfaced space.

Add depth by mixing materials. For example, mixing metallic and wood with cool and warm tones can simplify your color scheme while also making your kitchen the center of attention.

Customized details personalize your kitchen design, display handcrafted art with recessed lighting, create eclectic vignettes using international patterns

Remodeling doesn’t have to be a large undertaking. To keep things simple, painting cabinets is a cost-effective way to revamp your home.

The lean towards variations of green for kitchen cabinets has been on the rise, so expect to see even more nature inspired hues.

Grey takes center stage this year as well, while two-tone kitchens offer versatility as design continues to become more sophisticated.

Consider different tones of the same color. Monochromatic kitchens offer serenity with sand-colored kitchens, creating a cozy, minimalistic design. 

3. Stunning Kitchen Island

beautiful luxury kitchen with a large kitchen island and white cabinets

Most homeowners view the kitchen as central to the overall flow of a home, and one major design trend this year is the statement island with a focus on modern energy efficient appliances.

Another popular trend is the double island— two islands solving one problem, use one for working and one for casual dining.

 Don’t forget to make upgrades cohesive with your existing design.

4. No Knobs

modern kitchen with gray flat-front cabinets and seamless silhouettes

Flat-front cabinets are a sought-after hardware trend for 2022 because of their seamless silhouettes.

Flat-front cabinets are solid slabs, don’t have framing or handles, just beautiful wood work left to shine on its own.

Less visible pulls and handles draw the eye to other focal points within the space— accent lighting is a great way to accentuate different elements.

Subtle cabinetry details can be just as eye-catching as cabinet handles.

If touch-to-open handles aren’t your thing, recessed handles offer a similar streamlined look that can be designed with unique colors and contrasting materials to add simplicity and sophistication. 

5. Natural Materials

Kitchen remodel featuring custom gray cabinetry, white marble counters, and stainless steel appliances
Remodel by Kamanski Construction | See More Photos

To highlight existing structural elements, experts sugguest homeowners consider raw materials for their kitchen remodels. Natural materials, like cement, stone and wood in muted neutral colors are in high demand. 

Man-made materials have fallen out of fashion over the years. Toned down materials allow other elements of the design to be the focal point.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, walnut cabinetry feels luxurious with its deep warm color and fine grain.

6. Lavish Countertops

lavish and luxurious marble stone countertop in the kitchen

Homeowners are willing to spend more to get exactly what they want, choosing materials based on aesthetics and durability. 

This year alone, people spent most of their budget updating kitchen countertops. Materials matter when it comes to a big overhaul, and quartzite, quartz and granite continue to be durable top-selling materials.  

If you’re looking for contrast, butcher block or wood slab countertops are solid and long-lasting options.

7. Less Open Kitchens

remodeled closed off kitchen with marble countertops, dark oak wood flooring, and dark oak cabinets

Open kitchens have lessened in popularity, families are home now more than ever so the need for more privacy has increased.

Closed kitchens have a traditional layout, they are separate from the rest of the house, and sectioned off with a wall or a door.

Think about how your family interacts and make a list of needs and wants. 

What room does everyone tend to gravitate to in the home? If you prioritize socializing over privacy, an open plan is the way to go. It’s all up to you!

8. Specialty Organizing Cabinets

specialty organizing kitchen cabinets for spices

The current kitchen trend is to pare-down and multi-task, while creating more space without adding more clutter.

Trends with an emphasis on functionality, storage, smart technology, nature and lighting continue to gain momentum. Kitchen upgrades like these shine a light on the luxury of simplicity.

Built-in or semi-custom cabinets create more space and organization to your kitchen. Make your kitchen work for you and upgrade to a style that’s built to last!

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