12 Design Features To Include In Your Luxury Master Bathroom

May 5, 2022 | Andray Shcherban
luxury master bathroom with big windows for natural light, large mirrors, and two large sinks

When it comes to luxury master bathrooms, function and efficiency are just as important as design. A well organized bathroom saves time on your morning routine.

Designated spaces tailored to meet your needs are the epitome of luxury, whether it be a clawfoot tub for soaking or a multi-function showerhead for long hot showers.

Bathrooms are personal and a luxury master bathroom allows you to create your own special oasis.

The Real Estate Standards Association and countless creative design professionals now use the term, “Primary Bathroom” instead of “Master” because of the potentially discriminatory connotations.

1. Separate Jacuzzi Tub 

luxurious bathroom with a large hot tub and windows

Jacuzzis are a worthwhile investment for entertainment purposes. Active adults or those with chronic pain and arthritis can benefit from the soothing jets of a relaxing jacuzzi at their disposal.

A couple features you want to look for are quality construction and thoughtful design. The overall cost will depend on the size and style you choose.

2. Walk-in Closet with Lots of Drawers and Shelves

luxurious master bathroom with two white sinks, a large walk in closet and bench

Typically, primary bathrooms lack added closet space; one option is to combine closet space in the same room as your bathroom.

A built-in closet simplifies the process of getting ready while creating a customized structured look.

Depending on the space, a large walk-in closet could be ideal for your home— display your towels and toiletries proudly!

3. High Ceilings and Details

a modern remodeled bathroom with high ceilings, a trench sink, and beautiful minimal detailing

Accentuate the features of your primary bathroom with thoughtful details like chandeliers for high ceilings, lush statement plants or runners for especially spacious bathrooms.

Also consider adding upholstered seating, painted furniture and wall art to create a space you never want to leave. 

Black is a great color for highlighting and framing shelves and windows or get inspired by grey marble veining, neutral stone textures and light wood grain.

And for that extra special touch, gift yourself heated flooring, which is perfect for the cold, winter days. Mesh is placed under the tiles and connected to a thermostat; when heated, your spa experience is complete.

4. High Quality Materials

beautiful luxurious master bathroom in south carolina with grey mosaic tiles, white cabinetry, lots of overhead lighting, and a tub

Just because you may have a smaller primary bathroom doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style and high quality materials are a great way to upgrade your space.

Luxurious bathroom designs don’t always have to be stripped of texture either; you can achieve this by keeping everything simple by adding natural elements like wood and stone. 

When choosing tiles, it would be wise to avoid trendy patterns which can go out of style and end up aging the space. Porcelain tends to work best in bathrooms because it’s less porous than concrete and more resistant to staining. 

But if minimalism is what you’re looking for, then stone, plaster, or concrete walls might be the way to go. Also, clean slabs, as opposed to subway tile, provide a modern aesthetic.

With so many bathroom designs to choose from you can’t go wrong and there’s truly something for everyone. 

Gold toned shades of yellow, rusty reds and deep burgundy mixed with cool blues warm the space

Obsidian black slate offers a modern and minimal feel.

5. Skylight

a large minimal bathroom with white and wooden walls, a urinal, and a white bathtub in its own room

Natural light really adds depth to a bathroom so consider a glass block half-wall. You won’t need to use as many lights which could help you save money by keeping your energy bill low in the long run.

6. Vanity for Skincare and Makeup

high end main bathroom in south carolina with large mirros, two vanities with lots of storage space, and marble flooring

By adding contrasting double vanity sinks, unique hardware or ornate mirrors, you can create a stunning bathroom that really stands out.

Knobs and pulls are another fun and easy way to upgrade your vanity by personalizing a relatively small detail that can have a big impact.

Trough-style sinks or a pair of smaller vanities are an innovative alternative to a double vanity; this could be good for average-sized bathrooms with less space. Using wood to accent your bathroom adds a nice warm rustic touch because it tends to complement tile and deep tuscan colors well.

7. Accessories for Beautifying the Bathroom

farm style ranch bathroom with wooden flooring, white sink, a bathtub, and a view of the outdoors

The latest interior decorating trend is “bathscaping,” which centers around transforming your bathroom into a relaxing, serene, spa-like experience. Neutral palettes, different shades of grey and bisque are great base colors to start with.

Coming up with must-have features for your luxury bathroom can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply focus on keeping it cozy, comfortable and functional.

Accessories like wooden shelf ladders and state-of-the-art gadgets like towel warmers, built-in refrigerators and even flatscreen TV’s are excellent ways to add elegance and luxury to your bathroom. 

8. Artwork

boehmian style bathroom with grey blue walls, large white shades, a bathtub, and fancy flooring

An art mural is sure to enhance your bathroom ambiance. If you’re a fan of bright colors, textured rugs and rattan furniture, bohemian style might be for you.

Explore your creative side with cushions, rugs and fabric wall hangings.

9. Large Mirrors

bathroom with two large white sinks and a large mirror with led lighting

No matter if you decide on a large framed mirror or frameless one, it’s a versatile decorative element that adds a chic polished look.

Hand-cut Venetian mirrors provide an artistic romantic feel. Luxury mirrors have the ability to transform a room by adding light to dark corners to create the illusion of extra space. 

10. Windows

beautiful white bathroom with lots of windows for natural light and a large shower with marble tiling

Window dressing is often an afterthought for most people but you’d be surprised what frosted glass or long drapes can do, creating opulence throughout the space.

Narrow horizontal blinds are high on style and privacy while arched picture windows bring the outside in.

11. Bathtub 

bohemian style bathroom with a black and white tub, lots of green plants, and a chair

Some homeowners can’t imagine not having a bathtub, but by adding a shiny metallic freestanding tub you instantly upgrade your bathroom to give it a luxurious feel.

Now it’s the main attraction, perfect for soaking and relaxing after a long, tiring day at work. Curate your own plush 5-star hotel bathroom and sink into a deep clawfoot tub or wash your face over an imported basin. 

12. Steam Showers

a luxurious bathroom in a mansion in south carolina with an advanced steam room and a large hot tub with water in it

Recreate the ultimate spa experience with a steam shower that has a bench and remote control.  For even more customization, add music, lighting and aromatherapy to the mix.

You may or may not have enough space for all the bells and whistles, but don’t fret, a beautiful bathroom remodel is still within reach.

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