A cabin on Mt. Hood will maximize winter time fun in the snow.

It’s Snowing in Portland!

Playing in the snow, skiing and snowboarding is a Portland favorite winter pastime.   Deep powder, cold beer and memories with friends and family will only get better when you have your own Mountain log cabin retreat.   

Kamanski brings dreams like these to reality.  Take a look at a vacation cabin we remodeled  in Rhododendron Oregon.   It has custom wood work all over the cabin including knotted columns and rustic handrails.  The rough cut beams and hand finished oak compliment the stone fireplace.   This is a cozy retreat made for total relaxation.

If you have a property on Mount Hood or are looking for a place to build a cabin, let us help you on your adventure! 

A couple of things to think about when planning a cabin on the mountain.   

Planning Guest Space

Once your friend realize how fun your cabin is you will need lots of room to hold everyone on your snow filled stays.  Everyone doesn’t always need their own bedrooms. Think about trundle beds, bunk beds, sleeper sofas and loft space when you plan for guests.   

Winterize Your Cabin

When you aren’t staying in your cabin you need to take care that it stays safe and secure until you are ready to vacation again.  A cabin on the mountain needs to be built different from one in Portland.  Extra insulation, routing water pipes to minimize cold exposure, and automating your cabin with smart home devices all can help when you are away.  

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No matter what your plans are to build or remodel a cabin on the mountain you can trust Kamanski Construction to build you the best home or vacation home!